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Charlotte Christopherson · 3rd March 2023

Salesforce DevOps Leadership Certificate now available!

We’re excited to announce that a brand new Salesforce DevOps certificate is now available on DevOps Launchpad! The Salesforce DevOps Leadership Certificate is designed to help those in, or aspiring to be in, a position where they’re responsible for DevOps implementation, optimization or management in their organization.

Whether you’re a release manager, a team lead, or an admin or developer looking to boost their skills, the certificate will give you the knowledge you need to build a high-performing DevOps function. Discover how to implement DevOps from the ground up, how to coach and mentor your team, how to get buy-in for DevOps from key stakeholders, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that many organizations face when implementing DevOps processes.

Course contents

The content is structured into easy-to-digest modules, with quizzes to check your understanding, and downloadable certificates for each course to demonstrate your new skills:

  • Revisiting DevOps fundamentals
  • Building and developing high-performing teams
  • Assessing DevOps performance
  • DevOps governance
  • Overcoming DevOps adoption challenges

After completing these courses, you’ll take a final assessment to test your knowledge, where you need to achieve 80% to earn your official certification. Achieve the required grade, and you’ll be rewarded with the official DevOps Leader certification which you can add to your résumé and share on your social media accounts.

Meet the author

Course author Rob Cowell is a certified Salesforce Developer and Architect, and uses his wealth of experience to guide and advise on best practice for Salesforce DevOps. He has gained a unique insight into Salesforce trends and challenges over the years, using this to help organizations of all shapes and sizes optimize their Salesforce processes. Alongside his role as DevOps Advocate at Gearset, Rob is an active part of the Salesforce community, providing support and sharing experiences to help others thrive, so he’s well-placed to advise you — and your team — on how to succeed with Salesforce DevOps.

Invest in your development

Like all of the content on DevOps Launchpad, the new Salesforce DevOps Leadership Certificate is completely free to access, and you can complete the content whenever it suits you — whether that’s all in one go, or whenever you have some downtime. It’s never been a better time to invest time in your personal and professional development for your career in Salesforce DevOps — and set your organization up for success in the process.

Become a Salesforce DevOps Leader

Ready to gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a DevOps Leader? Log in to your account, or set up a new account today to access the new certificate! You’ll find plenty of Salesforce DevOps training resources and courses to help Salesforce professionals at every stage of their DevOps journey.