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Jack McCurdy · 22nd August 2022

3 qualities of a successful DevOps team

Salesforce DevOps adoption continues to increase globally, with teams seeing impact across efficiency, improved return on investment (ROI) and easier, more frequent releases. So what are the key components that help drive successful adoption of DevOps processes and principles in these high-performing teams?

Gearset's State of Salesforce DevOps 2022 report reveals three ways that high-performing Salesforce teams have developed a DevOps culture that underpins their success: training, collaboration, and buy-in.

How to create a DevOps culture

Without cultural change, teams are less likely to succeed in their implementation of DevOps for Salesforce. These three traits are signs of an ongoing commitment to DevOps culture:

  1. Buy-in: all team members understand and appreciate the value of DevOps.
  2. Collaboration: all teammates communicate clearly and share responsibility for the release process.
  3. Improvement: the whole team is committed to continued learning, upskilling and embracing training in new DevOps skills, processes and tools to keep topping-up their own knowledge.

Team training is crucial for DevOps collaboration

The Salesforce teams experiencing DevOps success identified that team training and knowledge can make or break DevOps adoption and performance. On the other hand, teams that don’t invest time in training find it difficult to overcome the obstacles to Salesforce DevOps adoption.

The good news? 66% of teams who found their processes got easier to manage attribute their success to team experience – backed up by solid training in DevOps principles so that the whole team can communicate and collaborate using the same processes, definitions and tools.

DevOps is a team sport, so the whole team needs to speak the same language and understand how to follow the workflows. This can easily be accomplished through free training and community support – it doesn’t need to be another hard task to add to the list, but it does need time and support right through from management level.

43% of businesses are already prioritizing training for 2022

Given that training is a key element of DevOps success, it’s reassuring to see from the survey results that almost two thirds of Salesforce teams intend to meet the challenges of 2022 with training, and 43% say their businesses are prioritizing training this year. Investing this time in training will help boost collaboration and support the cultural shift required for DevOps success.

Commit to DevOps success with free training resources

The vast majority of Salesforce teams have begun adopting DevOps already, so now is the time to commit to DevOps success. If your team is ready to upskill in DevOps, check out the free certifications and training in all areas of Salesforce DevOps on DevOps Launchpad. Get ready to build a DevOps culture, and DevOps success will follow.