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Frequently asked questions

What is DevOps Launchpad?

DevOps Launchpad is a free training platform packed with courses and resources for anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem looking to upskill in Salesforce DevOps.

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in any aspect of the build, test and release cycle for Salesforce – it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the ecosystem or more experienced in Salesforce development.

Our courses are designed to upskill everyone in DevOps, regardless of role. Whether you’re an admin, a developer, an ISV partner or a technical architect, there's something here for you.

How do I complete courses and get certificates?

DevOps Launchpad courses are broken down into modules. To finish a module, you usually complete a quiz to test your knowledge with multiple-choice questions. Once you finish all the modules in a course, you’ll earn a certificate which can be downloaded and saved to your resume, or shared on your social profiles.

Our certification tracks provide the opportunity to earn official certifications to demonstrate your DevOps prowess, by completing a number of courses in a guided learning pathway. You can learn more about certification tracks below.

How do I navigate the platform?

Click the courses tab to see the courses and certification tracks that you've enrolled for. This page will be blank until you choose courses in the library. If you want to return to a course in progress or one that you've previously completed, head to this page.

The results tab shows your progress through the courses you've completed, including any certifications and test results. It's a great way to track your learning journey and see the skills you're building.

The library is where you can browse courses and enrol to continue building your skillset. Once you enrol for a course, it'll be added to your courses page and you can start working through it.

How do I access my account?

You can access DevOps Launchpad in different ways:

  • The DevOps Launchpad homepage
  • Direct login
  • For Gearset users: click the DevOps Launchpad icon in the Gearset app

Need help?

If you need any assistance or want to share any feedback, please get in touch with us!

You can also reach out in the Gearset app chat if you’re a Gearset user.

Certification tracks

How are certification tracks different from other courses?

Certification tracks are guided learning pathways which are made up of a set of DevOps Launchpad courses. For some certification tracks, you can choose to take courses individually or as part of a track, but you’ll only earn the track certificate if you’ve completed all the component courses

I’ve signed up to a track but I can’t see all the component courses

Courses will appear one by one on your Courses page, with a rosette icon top left to indicate that they’re part of a certification track. Once you’ve completed a course, the next one will appear, and so on until you reach the final assessment. You’ll need to pass the final assessment to complete the certification.

Do I have to complete the track all in one go?

No, you can take modules and courses in your own time. Your progress will be saved, so you can come back whenever suits your schedule!

Do I get certificates for individual courses?

You will receive a certificate for each course that you complete. After you have completed all the courses and the final assessment, you will be awarded the official final certification.

What if I’ve already completed some of the courses on the track?

DevOps Launchpad will register that you’ve already completed the course and jump to the next course in the track. If you’ve already completed all the component courses, you’ll jump straight to the final assessment. Even if you’ve completed all the component courses, you’ll need to pass the final assessment before gaining your certification.