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A free training platform for all areas of Salesforce DevOps

Whether you’re just discovering DevOps, or wondering how it works for the Salesforce platform, DevOps Launchpad is here to help.

  • Build your Salesforce DevOps skill set

    Build your Salesforce DevOps skill set

    Develop your DevOps knowledge and give your Salesforce career a boost.

  • Train your development and release teams

    Train your development and release teams

    Get new and existing team members up to speed on all things Salesforce DevOps.

  • Earn Salesforce DevOps certifications

    Earn Salesforce DevOps certifications

    Share your DevOps Launchpad certificates on social media and add them to your résumé.

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Build your skills and expertise in all areas of Salesforce DevOps

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Salesforce DevOps Fundamentals

Cover the full range of DevOps concepts, including version control, CI/CD, test automation, backups and more. Start now.

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CI/CD for Salesforce

Sort out continuous integration from continuous deployment, and master release automation for Salesforce. Start now.

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Salesforce DevOps Leadership

Become a certified leader for DevOps, so you can drive successful adoption and measure your performance. Start now.

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Salesforce Backup

Learn how to build a disaster recovery plan for Salesforce that protects your data and metadata. Start now.

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Gearset Academy

Get hands-on experience of Salesforce DevOps, exploring every corner of the Gearset platform. Start now.

About DevOps Launchpad

DevOps Launchpad was created to meet the ever-growing demand for training in DevOps principles and practices, specifically for the Salesforce platform. We’re constantly updating and adding courses with the latest best practices.

The courses and quizzes on DevOps Launchpad are curated by experts in the field from Gearset, the leading DevOps platform for Salesforce. But apart from Gearset Academy, the content on DevOps Launchpad is all vendor-neutral, and useful for anyone learning more about Salesforce DevOps.

Who is DevOps Launchpad for?

DevOps is all about bringing people together to collaborate on one streamlined development life cycle. Whatever your role or level of experience, DevOps Launchpad has courses for you!

Salesforce Admins

Salesforce Admins

Master DevOps with clicks not code, empowering declarative developers and configurators!

Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Developers

Apply DevOps best practices to your Salesforce development process.

Salesforce Architects

Salesforce Architects

Explore how continuous delivery can support well-architected Salesforce orgs.

Release Managers

Release Managers

See how DevOps practices bring visibility and stability to release management.

Development Team Leads

Development Team Leads

Embrace DevOps culture and improve performance at any team size.

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