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Becky Lewis · 28th February 2022

Why you’ll be your team’s hero with Salesforce DevOps

An ever-increasing number of Salesforce’s 150,000 customers worldwide are adopting DevOps best practices to improve business processes. They know that DevOps unlocks efficiencies within release cycles and sharpens the customer experience.

In a recent survey of Salesforce professionals by Gearset, 90% of respondents are using, or plan to adopt, a source-driven workflow, meaning DevOps skills are more in demand than ever. As the world becomes more aware of the value of DevOps skills for Salesforce, there’s never been a better time to start upskilling.

As well as the boost to your own career, we've broken down what you'll be able to do for others when you don the Salesforce DevOps superhero’s cape.

Gain confidence as you collaborate

Having Salesforce DevOps skills leads to regularly working side-by-side with sales teams, marketing managers, customer service experts and many more. It’s an opportunity to align your team with other functions, improving collaboration. It also means getting to know a variety of people across the business, which can only improve team building.

Be a driver of business transformation

As development and release processes become increasingly complex, DevOps is becoming essential for Salesforce teams the world over. Appointing a DevOps lead who can help teams to manage parallel projects, varied work streams, and fast-paced release cycles has become a no-brainer for businesses, with many implementing CI/CD workflows in recent months. The time is ripe to capitalize on this opportunity as businesses continue to drive their digital transformation forward.

Prove your worth with return on investment (ROI)

Investing in new Salesforce DevOps tools and appointing specialists might be a new thing for businesses, so if your skills speak for themselves, then it’s worth shouting about the impact on your team's bottom line - aka revenue and productivity.

DevOps practices mean better release quality, higher productivity, better security and adding value for your customers, so it’s good to practice talking up the value of the measurable skills you bring to the table.

Ready to try out that superhero cape?

DevOps Launchpad is a free online training platform for all things Salesforce DevOps which allows you to build your skills, consolidate your knowledge and showcase your worth. Get all the key information you need to kickstart your Salesforce DevOps career, including an intro to Salesforce DevOps, version control fundamentals, Git branching strategies and Salesforce backup.

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