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Becky Lewis · 7th December 2021

Three reasons why upskilling in Salesforce DevOps could supercharge your career

Whether you’re planning to take on some new Salesforce responsibilities, or you're setting out on a totally new trajectory as a Salesforce administrator or developer, becoming a DevOps master will have an enormous impact on your professional prospects.

That’s because Salesforce DevOps skills are becoming an increasingly valuable commodity in the modern workforce.

If you're addicted to learning, love being at the heart of your team, and find it fascinating to see how technology makes the world more efficient, you'll enjoy learning all about DevOps and how it applies to the Salesforce platform.

What's more, your new skills are guaranteed to supercharge your career. Here’s why:

1. You’ll become an indispensable asset to your team

You’ve probably encountered that go-to person for all things Salesforce in your career - either in a previous role or your current one. How valuable were they to keeping the company running?

Now picture yourself in their position.

It might seem a little daunting, but with the right training, you too can become your organization’s Salesforce hero.

Likewise, as businesses increasingly adopt DevOps practices in their day-to-day processes, brushing up on your knowledge of CI/CD principles as well as your Salesforce skills will make you an indispensable asset to your team.

As a Salesforce DevOps expert, you'll be working closely with your end-users, constantly gathering feedback and releasing iterative improvements to the Salesforce apps and features they rely on, making them more efficient and driving business success.

Superheroes aren’t born - they’re trained. Now go get ready to don that cape.

2. You’ll broaden your network

Working with so many different team members and stakeholders gives you the opportunity to develop your own expansive network within your business. You’ll be side-by-side with a range of teams on a daily basis, working to understand their individual needs - which means you’ll improve your communication and problem-solving skills while getting to know a lot of new people along the way, including senior decision-makers.

The more colleagues that know about your Salesforce skill set and see the benefits you bring to any project, the more connections you'll add to your LinkedIn and the better your career prospects become.

3. You’ll gain transferable knowledge

More than 150,000 businesses across the world depend on Salesforce. And that user base is growing fast. Whether you see yourself working in retail, healthcare, not-for-profit, or a technology start-up, your Salesforce skills and knowledge are transferable across any number of industries and pretty much anywhere on the world map.

To get started with Salesforce DevOps, take a look at some of the free online learning platforms available. A great place to start is DevOps Launchpad. It’s our free, comprehensive, and engaging learning platform with a manageable program designed to consolidate your Salesforce DevOps knowledge - from those first early steps, working all the way up to expert level.