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Eliza Pepper · 8th December 2022

Why awesome admins should upskill in Salesforce DevOps

Admins are at the center of any Salesforce org, managing its users, data and experience. But, as well as being responsible for so many critical aspects of Salesforce, wouldn’t it be awesome to have greater control of your data and orgs? With DevOps you can gain more control over your Salesforce processes and, in turn, your career.

Play a part in powerful deployments

Admins shape all aspects of their orgs — from user management to reports and dashboards — but releases strike a unique fear. With so many ways that releases can go haywire, a new and more manageable approach is exactly what admins need, empowering you to join in with deployments.

Deployments don’t need to be painful. DevOps is a great way to increase the success rate of your deployments and, in turn, increase your confidence in the release process. Breaking down the process into manageable chunks means that deployments will soon become second nature, and you can begin reaping the many rewards. A whopping 84% of admins, responding to Gearset’s 2022 State of Salesforce DevOps report, named ‘more frequent releases’ as a key benefit of DevOps.

Provide for your users

With admins at the center of every Salesforce team, upskilling in DevOps will result in a better experience for your users. DevOps gives you the power to easily ship requested changes as soon as they are built, without being held up by fixed release windows or relying on other members of your team.

You’ll be able to get changes into the hands of your users quickly, and if you use a ticketing system, they’ll have greater visibility into the status of their request. Other members of the team will also be able to see the changes that are being made, so it’s easy to collaborate and avoid duplicated effort or conflicts. All this adds up to significant improvements for the organization, and helps the users who are relying on your Salesforce orgs sooner.

Keep your orgs secure

Skilling up in DevOps also helps admins work more safely when making changes in Salesforce. You’ll have greater control over your orgs, and by making changes in a sandbox rather than in production, you can keep organized without the fear of deleting crucial data and metadata. And making smaller changes more regularly mean you’re far less likely to work on a feature for weeks only to deploy a catastrophic, org-stalling release, and end up in a situation like this:

why awesome admins should upskill

DevOps goes hand in hand with backups, since both are about taking care of the data and metadata in your orgs. The responsibility for managing backups often falls to admins — whether you know it or not! When anything is lost or corrupted, businesses will look to admins to play their part in a quick recovery.

Restoring data and metadata can be extremely difficult — even with a backup. Imagine trying to deploy an entire object and all of its data! But with reliable deployments and an effective DevOps process, admins can help to restore an org quickly and easily — minimizing downtime and disruption to your users.

Take control of your career

There are so many ways that admins can take further control of their orgs with DevOps — from more successful deployments to backup solutions. Demonstrating ability in these areas is critical for admins who are hoping to advance their careers, in an ecosystem which is continuing to embrace DevOps right across the board. More and more job ads for admin roles are asking for DevOps experience. Don’t get left behind!

So, if you’re an admin looking to learn more about DevOps, take control of your learning with DevOps Launchpad. If you’re looking for specific help, why not check out these courses:

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