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Aleksandra Matkowska · 24th August 2023

What do Salesforce admins think about DevOps?

DevOps is rapidly becoming the standard way to develop on Salesforce, with more teams abandoning change sets in favor of a faster, more reliable way to develop. If you’re in a Salesforce admin role, you might have explored the idea of implementing DevOps. When on this journey, it’s helpful to know what other Salesforce admins think about adopting Salesforce DevOps. The State of Salesforce DevOps 2023 report offers valuable insight into the world of Salesforce DevOps from different perspectives. Find out what admins think about Salesforce DevOps, what benefits they get from it, and what challenges they face.

In the survey, admins almost unanimously agreed that the demand on their Salesforce development team has increased over the past year. This can be attributed to many factors, but the most commonly indicated were more complex business needs, more apps and packages, and more end users. It’s clear to see that as businesses grow, so does their need for Salesforce. Admins are aware of that as they report that Salesforce is a key component in achieving their company’s wider goals — it’s integral to achieving the flexibility required to meet internal business needs, consolidate systems and processes, and much more.

With the steady increase in reliance on Salesforce, DevOps is growing in popularity throughout the Salesforce ecosystem thanks to the numerous benefits it provides to admins, developers, and most importantly — the end users.

DevOps saves admins’ time

One of the most significant ways DevOps can benefit your business is by saving you time. Being by far the most commonly indicated advantage of adopting DevOps, it is no surprise that 66% of admins also report increased productivity within their teams. Additionally, by using DevOps the vast majority of admins can deploy changes from one environment to another in under four hours, with 37% reporting being able to do so in less than an hour.

Another way in which implementing DevOps best practices contributes to heightened productivity is by decreasing the number of errors — 55% of admins stated that fewer than 10% of releases included any bugs or errors. Any bugs that do manage to sneak through are fixed within a day or less, according to 59% of respondents.

DevOps makes admins’ lives easier

Unsurprisingly, the benefits of adopting DevOps for Salesforce don’t stop there. Admins indicate that DevOps practices align very well with the company’s wider culture, which is reflected in their satisfaction with team collaboration on releases — 74% rate it as ‘great’ or ‘excellent’.

More day-to-day benefits of implementing DevOps for admins include improved collaboration, better release quality, and a better release management process. Admins see a higher number of reliable deployments, which deliver value faster to both the business and end users. As a result of this, admins can expect a faster release cadence and a significant increase in team productivity. It’s no wonder that moving to Salesforce DevOps is becoming the standard, as it’s easy to see how it can make your life easier and your workflow more efficient.

DevOps facilitates a focus on training

Salesforce admins reported the highest frequency of training among their team members. 36% report that they undergo regular monthly training, with a further 23% reporting quarterly DevOps training. This is a significant difference compared to the surveyed developers, with only 22% of them receiving monthly training.

This shows that admins understand that keeping up to date with the newest developments is essential to have full control over your releases. The most commonly indicated factor making the release process more difficult is a lack of team experience. With regular training sessions you can more easily make sure you have all the necessary DevOps tools available to you, and you can advance to the next level of your Salesforce DevOps journey faster.

The primary area admins feel they lack training in is CI/CD and automation — as indicated by a staggering 62% of respondents in the State of Salesforce DevOps Report 2023. Other areas admins would like to receive more coaching in are collaboration and teamwork (46%) and the business value of DevOps (40%).

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