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Charlotte Humberston · 10th November 2023

Top Salesforce DevOps learning trends of 2023

DevOps has become the accepted way to develop on Salesforce, and Salesforce professionals across the globe are recognising the importance of adding it to their skillset. The DevOps Launchpad survey provides a fascinating glimpse into the habits and preferences of more than 100 Salesforce professionals, shedding light on their training preferences, challenges, and areas of interest. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key findings and explore what they mean for those looking to excel in Salesforce DevOps.

Who’s learning more about DevOps?

True diversity is one of the things that makes the Salesforce ecosystem so unique. It’s no surprise then that we’re seeing a wide range of individuals from all corners of the world looking to increase their skills with Salesforce DevOps. Not only are admins and developers wanting to build their knowledge, but there’s plenty of technical architects, implementation consultants and more wanting to keep up with the latest developments in DevOps. It just shows that no matter how experienced you are in the Salesforce ecosystem, there’s always more you can learn.

Speaking of Salesforce experience, more than half of the survey respondents had between one and five years under their belts, while 38% had over five years of experience. However, the story changes when it comes to Salesforce DevOps experience. Nearly a third of users reported that they had less than one year, with 17% stating that they had no experience at all. Only a handful of respondents claimed that they had more than five years of Salesforce DevOps experience. This is understandable, given that DevOps is still relatively new to the Salesforce ecosystem when compared to other softwares, but highlights the need for training resources suitable for different levels of experience. DevOps Launchpad covers both fundamental topics through to more advanced DevOps concepts, so it’s a great place to start for these learners.

When are people learning about Salesforce DevOps?

Our survey found that DevOps Launchpad users are committed to their professional development. Most respondents spend between one and five hours per month on training. A quarter allocate five to ten hours monthly, and a particularly eager group spends over ten hours. Interestingly, the survey also revealed that learning doesn't just happen after office hours. A significant 78% study outside of their working hours, but over half devote time during their workday. A motivated 33% even use their holiday time for training, illustrating their commitment to growth.

What are the biggest obstacles to learning about DevOps?

Unsurprisingly, the biggest hurdle that individuals face when thinking about Salesforce DevOps training is a lack of time, reported by over half of the respondents. This is a common challenge in today's fast-paced work environments. A quarter indicated that they had difficulty in finding appropriate training materials, whilst others mentioned issues with the format of resources, and problems with navigating vast learning libraries. This all indicates the importance of clear, accessible and user-friendly resources for learning about DevOps.

What topics do users want to learn more about?

When it comes to specific training interests, CI/CD and Version control were the most popular topics for users. These are the foundational skills for successful DevOps implementation.

When it comes to more general training needs, DevOps implementation was the top priority, with over two-thirds of participants showing interest. Artificial intelligence (AI) in Salesforce DevOps followed closely, with over half of respondents expressing curiosity about how AI can be integrated into Salesforce DevOps. A similar proportion of users were also interested in security, which is understandably becoming a greater concern as organizations become more reliant upon data held within the Salesforce platform.

As well as these technical topics, a significant group of users said that they wanted to learn more about leadership in Salesforce DevOps. This demonstrates that users are thinking about the wider picture beyond their individual contributions, and the importance of team training and culture in a successful Salesforce DevOps implementation.

How do people like to learn about DevOps?

Whilst we know that individuals learn in different ways, survey respondents made it clear that their preference is for interactive online courses. An overwhelming 83% selected this as their preferred method for consuming training materials, with videos also highly favored. More generally, users stated that they were looking for hands-on experience with practical examples. These preferences for interactive, multimedia resources indicate that active learning and real-world applications are important to many users.

Keep up to speed with Salesforce DevOps

These results paint a vivid picture of a diverse Salesforce community who are eager to enhance their DevOps skills. As Salesforce continues to evolve, the demand for expertise in DevOps practices is only set to grow. Getting Salesforce DevOps certified is a great way to demonstrate your skills and keep up with this increased demand, and DevOps Launchpad is here to support you every step of the way. We’re always updating our resources, so keep an eye out for some exciting new courses coming very soon!