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Becky Lewis · 21st February 2022

Women in DevOps: resources to build your support network

Community and support from people you trust are key whatever the learning journey you’re on. Seeing people that you relate to going through the same challenges and enjoying the same success provides an emotional lift that would benefit anyone.

For some, knowing that people have trodden the same path before they have can be what gives them the push they need to start developing skills themselves.

That’s why many groups are working hard to involve, support, and champion women within Salesforce DevOps. Their work helps women see and hear from those who have shared experience, which in turn encourages them to continue or even start their DevOps training journey.

It’s beneficial to the wider Salesforce DevOps community. Salesforce professionals with DevOps are in huge demand, and harnessing the talent of women - who are often underrepresented in DevOps circles - can help fill any gaps in the workforce.

If you’re looking for advice from Salesforce DevOps groups, or you have someone in mind who might benefit, we’ve rounded up three women-led groups to help you out.


Radical Apex Developers (RAD) Women have built a supportive space for women who are advanced Salesforce admins to push their careers along and learn to program on the platform. Organised by a group of volunteers, they offer two 10-week Intro to Coding courses that are totally free. So far they’ve helped over 1000 women level up.

Supermums made it their mission to get more mums (and dads) into the technology industry, helping them to retrain and upskill in Salesforce in a way that fits comfortably around family commitments. They were on to something. In just four years - inspired by founder Heather Black’s own experience of upskilling into better paid work through Trailhead and Salesforce - Supermums have set more than 500 parents on the path to Salesforce mastery through their training courses. You can find out more on their website, along with a packed blog, podcast, and even job postings.

Ladies Be Architects

Since 2017, Ladies Be Architects have been blazing a trail in the Salesforce community to make the path to becoming a Salesforce architect more accessible. This global community provides study resources, networking events, mentoring opportunities and lots more to support women who want to advance their careers in Salesforce. Founder Gemma Blezard and co-leaders Charly Prinsloo and Susannah St-Germain are building out their team with a new global ambassador programme to provide even more support worldwide. Check out their latest sessions to supercharge your Salesforce knowledge.

Women in Salesforce DevOps

Gearset has created a global community focused on women who want to develop a career in Salesforce DevOps. Sign up and you’ll hear about local meetups in the US and UK, along with virtual events, through which learners can support and encourage each other as they take the next step in their Salesforce careers.

Resources like these can help plug anyone into the DevOps community, no matter what your background is. And if you want to boost your DevOps skills alongside finding new communities to be a part of, check out our DevOps Launchpad for free training and certification in all areas of Salesforce DevOps.