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Jack McCurdy · 10th August 2022

Seeking less work stress? Salesforce DevOps could be your answer

Most of us are seeking that elusive work/life balance, which is why more control over both the way we work and our career development is very attractive.

So instead of trying to set a distant career resolution, how about joining a revolution?

Change your whole work approach

Salesforce DevOps is revolutionizing the way that teams collaborate and communicate – and adopting DevOps principles could be a key way to supercharge your career enthusiasm while reducing your stress levels.

Continuous, long-term work stress can cause people to underperform and make rushed decisions. However, a little pressure may be a good thing when it highlights where you want to make changes to your work/life balance and boost your career skills.

If you want to flip your work pressures from stressed-out to serene, upskilling in Salesforce DevOps is one way you can do just that.

Get your career excitement back

The skills and processes you learn about in Salesforce DevOps, such as version control and continuous integration, enable you to work more collaboratively and creatively. Teams interact more efficiently, and are able to automate processes across workflows and release cycles. This has a huge impact when it comes to feeling more excited about your work.

Faster, automated processes cut down deployment times by hours while also creating cost savings. No more needing to stay late at the office worrying over that deployment! You can head home or switch off knowing everything is in hand, leaving you to enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Be part of a collaborative community

Another key benefit to learning new DevOps skills is that it’ll enable you to build relationships across departments and functions. You’ll get a boost not just from being more in control of release cycles, but from being a vital part of a collaborative team.

Level up with DevOps Launchpad

These all sound like good skills to reduce stress andnpm boost your resume, right?

Salesforce DevOps processes are relatively new to Salesforce development, but they have dominated the traditional development world for years. So, there are plenty of applicable practices with years of validation that we can apply to Salesforce. So grasp the opportunity to get ahead of the flow by leveling up now.

For free training and certification across all areas of Salesforce DevOps, and to apply the best practices to your day-to-day, check out DevOps Launchpad to upskill for the year ahead.