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Charlotte Humberston · 18th March 2024

The increasing value of Salesforce DevOps training in 2024

It’s that time of year again: Gearset’s State of Salesforce DevOps 2024 report has just landed! Over a thousand Salesforce professionals had their say on all things DevOps, revealing the current state of play in the ecosystem.

You can find out how your team compares with ecosystem averages for DevOps adoption and performance. There are also some really insightful sections analyzing everything from backup best practices to the deprecation of profiles.

In this post, I’ll share a preview of the section on Salesforce DevOps training, which I contributed to as Editor in Chief of DevOps Launchpad.

Most teams engage in DevOps training

Do you and your team find time for Salesforce DevOps training? More than half of survey respondents told us that they get regular training, with another quarter doing ad hoc training. That leaves just 16% that don’t get any training at all.

Teams that don’t train, or only train once a year, risk falling behind in a rapidly evolving Salesforce DevOps landscape. The last five years have seen dramatic shifts in the way teams build, release and monitor customizations on Salesforce. Old ways of working — such as admins and devs working in silos using completely different tools and processes — are rapidly becoming unsustainable, and will soon be redundant.

How often do you receive training about your Salesforce release processes?Percentage
At least once a month31%
Once a quarter16%
Once a year12%
Ad hoc25%
We don’t have any DevOps training16%

Regular training means better DevOps performance

Training is typically seen as an investment — we take time out to focus on learning in the hope that it will make a difference to our performance. Thankfully, the data proves that DevOps training makes a measurable difference. The report shows, for example, that teams who train at least once a month have a higher release cadence — one of the DORA metrics for DevOps performance.

Teams that train regularly also say their culture is more collaborative. Training gets everyone on the same page, keeping the team aligned on goals, strategy and tactics. And DevOps culture is really the prize. Time and again, studies have shown that culture makes the difference between average and elite DevOps performance. And that’s because DevOps is first and foremost a way of working; it’s about people more than tools and process.

Upskilling generates Salesforce ROI

Businesses that provide regular training for their Salesforce teams also report a larger return on their Salesforce investment. Almost half of the teams that train the most report a monthly ROI of $50,000+. But that falls to just over a quarter for all other teams.

The Salesforce platform is a significant investment. Giving development teams the tools and training they need to succeed is vital to make sure they can keep pace with requests from the business. Training is a worthwhile investment for individuals’ careers and for the business.

Salesforce teams want DevOps training

Training on subjects like security and compliance is obviously a must. But IT leaders should pay attention to the training that their teams think is the most valuable for day-to-day CRM development and business growth.

When asked which areas of training they would benefit from most in 2024, survey respondents’ top two answers were “release management” and “DevOps culture”. These are the only two subjects that a majority of respondents want training on.

Which areas of training would you team most benefit from in 2024?Percentage
Release management57%
DevOps culture55%

Where to get training in Salesforce DevOps

The Salesforce ecosystem has always championed learning. There are plenty of community events, mentoring schemes, and study groups to get involved with. The Trailhead platform is a great way to get to know the Salesforce platform and earn certificates to prove your expertise.

For Salesforce DevOps specifically, DevOps Launchpad has courses on everything from the fundamentals of Salesforce DevOps to becoming a leader in Salesforce DevOps. It’s completely free, packed with great training content, and a fun way to earn certifications in Salesforce DevOps that employers are looking for on your résumé.

Get your copy of the report

The State of Salesforce DevOps 2024 is well worth a read to get the latest figures on DevOps adoption and performance across the ecosystem — as well as expert analysis on current challenges and opportunities. Take a look!