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Charlotte Humberston · 14th August 2023

Get Gearset certified with the Gearset Academy

We’re excited to announce that the Gearset Academy is now available on DevOps Launchpad! DevOps Launchpad is designed to help anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem upskill, with free courses and certifications available in a wide range of Salesforce DevOps topics. In addition to this vast vendor-neutral offering, the Gearset Academy has now been released to help Salesforce professionals get the most out of Gearset, with modules covering all of the platform’s key features.

Demonstrate your skills

Are you looking to secure a new role within Salesforce DevOps? More and more Salesforce job advertisements for admins, developers and other roles are now listing DevOps experience, and experience with specific platforms, as a requirement. A Gearset Academy certificate is a great way to demonstrate your skills with a Salesforce-specific platform, and you’re bound to pick up helpful knowledge along the way.

Improve your release management

With Gearset Academy, you’ll learn how to speed up your Salesforce release process with Gearset’s compare and deploy, improve deployment accuracy, and so much more. Academy modules will show you how to get the most out of the platform’s powerful features, so you can use these with confidence and continue to improve your Salesforce DevOps processes.

Increase team productivity

If your team is considering using Gearset, completing Gearset Academy modules alongside your free 30-day trial is a great way to make sure you’re all on the same page. And for those already using Gearset, it’s a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge, or help new starters get up to speed on the platform so they can make the most of the features available to them.

Gearset Academy courses

The Gearset Academy is broken down into different courses, so you can choose whether to complete the whole Academy or just pick and choose the content that is most suitable to your learning needs:

If you take the Gearset Academy certification track, completing each course will automatically unlock the next course in the series.

Once you complete these five courses, you’ll get access to the Gearset Academy Final Assessment. The assessment consists of 10 questions and you’ll need to score at least 80% to get your Gearset Academy certificate, which you can share on social media and add to your résumé.

How do I get Gearset certified?

Ready to master Salesforce DevOps? Just head over to DevOps Launchpad and find these Gearset Academy courses in the course library! You’ll need access to Gearset in order to complete the certifications, so if you’re not already a Gearset user you can take advantage of their 30-day free trial to get access to all the features!