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Charlotte Christopherson · 1st November 2022

How can Salesforce DevOps boost your work-life balance?

DevOps is part of an important cultural shift in working life, where work-life balance is the nirvana that many of us are chasing. Taking genuine time out has been proven to improve both mental health and general wellbeing. For some, that might mean a full lunch break with time to go for a walk, for others it could be meditation, time for hobbies or having ‘downtime’ to spend with friends and family away from work or screens.

So how can Salesforce DevOps help ensure that you’re not always drawn towards work demands? The key lies in learning skills to increase automation and efficiency during release cycles, so that you can plan your relaxation without worrying whether you are being effective at work.

Make those big changes yourself

Work-life balance doesn’t happen unless we actively make changes. It’s good to start by thinking about what you want from your time and how you can start to focus your energy in the right direction.

If you’re already working with Salesforce, the ‘right direction’ for many companies is increasingly towards Salesforce DevOps. Gearset’s State of Salesforce DevOps survey identified that “almost no one is asking if an alternative approach [to DevOps] is superior. The question isn't if DevOps, but how”.

When it comes to the ‘how’ of DevOps, taking advantage of free training to upskill in key areas around automating processes within release cycles can have huge benefits for your work efficiency and reducing stress related to risk. As Monica Thornton Hill, a senior technical consultant at Fusion Risk, puts it: “DevOps for me has been about learning how to be more efficient as a team and reduce risk in my work.”

The payback's in the balance

By increasing team efficiency and reducing risk you can have confidence in your release cycles, knowing you can leave work behind for the day without receiving that dreaded notification that you have to log back in and fix something.

Monica discovered that, “another valuable impact of working on implementing a mature DevOps process is getting a better work-life balance. Working as a team using effective processes made my job easier in many ways, and I had more time to focus on other projects and also leave on time vs spending late nights on large deployments.”

Turning it around

So how can you start to realise the level of control that sets the work-life balance in your favour? Since remote working has become more of the norm, achieving a sensible compromise has become even more of a challenge for many without the structure of daily office routine.

Many of us have experienced an upheaval in our work lives, bringing challenges in managing our work focus and energy. The good news? Upskilling in Salesforce DevOps could help you bring some control to your working life. This can have a positive impact on your sense of purpose, make you an efficient team member and allow you to leave work at the end of the day safe in the knowledge that releases have gone smoothly and you can enjoy your time off.

Ready to improve your work-life balance?

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