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Get your Salesforce DevOps up to speed!

Salesforce DevOps is here to stay. Mastering DevOps, and all that entails, is only going to become more important over time as the platform continues to mature. But DevOps is a broad topic and there's a lot to learn.

That's why we're proud to launch the DevOps Launchpad — a free training platform designed to help everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem level up their DevOps skillset.

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An introduction to Salesforce development

Learn about the basics of developing and deploying on the customer success platform

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Version control fundamentals

The basics of version control, how to get started, and when to consider a Git-based workflow

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Git branching strategies

So you're ready to get started with version control - but how does it work in practice?

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Salesforce backup

From why you need backups, to what your backup options are, this course is the perfect introduction

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Gearset academy

Become a Gearset master with our guided training modules on the leading DevOps tool for Salesforce

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How does it work? Earn badges, climb the ranks, compete with your team, and get certified.

The DevOps Launchpad is a free training and learning platform for anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem. It's filled with courses on everything DevOps - from beginner courses on source-driven development all the way through to in-depth technical articles written by experts in their fields. Complete courses, test your knowledge with quizzes, and earn certificates to demonstrate your expertise.

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Salesforce teams use such a mixed bag of tools and workflows that it can be easy to get lost when you're aiming for a mature DevOps process. Find out where you are on your DevOps journey, and where to go next!

Level 1

Level 1:


Change set riders typically work directly in production orgs, or in sandboxes with long periods between releases.

Level 2

Level 2:


Git adopters pull ahead with a subset of metadata in version control to get familiar with the basics.

Level 3

Level 3:


Rolling release pilots make Git their source of truth to unlock the benefits of DevOps, with better collaboration, debugging and auditing.

Level 4

Level 4:


SFDX jetsetters take off with a whole raft of benefits with single-click releases based on automated deployments and testing.

Level 5

Level 5:


Pioneering package launchers add smart backups with quick restore times for data and metadata whenever accidental mistakes or disasters occur.

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It's easy to get started, fun to explore, and absolutely free. Sign up and start your journey to DevOps mastery! 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

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